Carla is a Baby Boomer, whose career’s experience has been in the commercial arts; providing photography, graphic and web design, to many small business owners and real estate professionals.

CMC Bookworks was formed in 2011 as an independent publishing company, to accommodate the writing of this book as well as ebooks, e-patterns and other future publications.

As the economy brought new challenges and technology transformed into more digital offerings and needs, my aging body had also presented some new transformations. The healthy intention I started with was to keep myself safe from a hazardous prescription but as I progressed with my new eating habits, I discovered some revelationary truths.

Eating Real Food Is Easy is the combination of my lifetime of experience and skillsets, both personal and business. I look forward to sharing my new found knowledge with others of my generation. As Baby Boomers’ we’ve initiated a lot of important changes in our world, have always been up for a challenge, been a bit feisty and rebellious; it’s not time to give up on our spunkiness now!